Trem Skills Finished

Thats the end of my Tremulous skills programme. At least for the moment anyway. I have decided to end the Trem Skills series, because of increased workload in RL. Sorry that I have left it hanging on base building.

I may continue the progamme in the future, however, I will not make a solid statement on that. What I will tell you though is that I do plan to release an eBook based off of my Trem Skills series, with loads of new content to help you get your game on in Tremulous. This won’t be for quite some time looking towards the end of this year early next year.

For those of you that were following my Trem Skills series don’t worry because I will continue to cover the latest gaming news, my views and impressions. Along with other things to help you Get your Game ON!

5 Responses to “Trem Skills Finished”

  1. Madhur Kapoor Says:

    wow man , thats some hard work you did . Now i am expecting some cool game reviews from you .

  2. Qwerty_ Says:

    Thanks Madhur, and keep your eye out. I’ve got a review on the Classic Controller in the backlog atm now.

  3. Larry Says:

    Great blog. I saw this site from your post on the Tremulous forums. I’ve just started getting into Tremulous and love your suggestions. Keep it up. You can find me on the Trem servers as LuckyLarry.

  4. Qwerty_ Says:

    Thats the end of it for the moment but as I said in my post keep a look out. Got any questions about the tips just leave them in the appropriate post.

  5. Vai Says:

    A bit late i know, but great work on the trem skills archive qwerty.

    alot of the tips in that guide would be a great help to some of the less experienced players who are just starting to get into trem.

    Gonna post an aliens guide on the bamn forums soon, i surrgest you check it out sometime 🙂

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