Stargate Worlds Trailer Released

The first trailer for Stargate Worlds has been released. If your are not familiar with Stargate Worlds, it is an up and coming MMORPG based in the Stargate universe, due to be released in the last quarter of the year.

You can view the trailer over at GameSpot.

My only disappointment with what I see is that the humans have some weird suit, which has never been used in a Stargate episode before, and looks futuristic, whereas the Stargate universe is based on the present day. The explosion that takes place behind the gate is nothing flash either, I guess that they still have time to tweak things before the launch of the game.

Other than that it’s not a bad trailer and it’s great to see some video rather than just screen shots.

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2 Responses to “Stargate Worlds Trailer Released”

  1. Madhur Kapoor Says:

    Good to see you back buddy.

  2. Danmal Says:

    Awesome to see some more blogging action from you Qwerty.

    I’ve been a bit dubious about SG worlds since I’ve first heard about it and that video didn’t help to relieve my fears about the game. I’ll bet anything that the game will end up being a grindfest that doesn’t even remotely resemble the stargate universe.

    Hopefully I’ll be wrong but I doubt it.

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