Stargate Worlds GDC

A large amount of new information for Stargate Worlds is warping out due to the recent GDC, and right now all the interviews are coming online.

I have sumarised the main new points here:

  • Game play taking place between season 3 through to season 8
  • Story line and content is being closely developed with Brad Wright and Robert Cooper
  • Time shifting game mechanics
  • Get 10 hours worth of game play out of each of the worlds in Stargate Worlds
  • Anywhere between 35 to 58 worlds will be explorable in game
  • Game devs have access to props from the Stargate TV series
  • Content added both to the show and the game
  • PVP system
  • Possibility of actors from the series being in the game?
  • Combat optimised for squad based tactics
  • Naquadah is the currency that will be used in SGW

Some great new screen shots have also emerged from the GDC which can be found at the sites listed below.

Check out these sources for more SGW intel:

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