Sauce The Game First Month Success

I am very very pleased with how Sauce The Game has done for the first month. Nearly 3000 visitors 4600 page views and the two episodes released have had in excess of 2700 views. Not bad for a first month attempt. Subscribers reached a peak of 64 (dropped off today since it’s the weekend).

The feedback and supportive e-mails I have received has been fantastic, these are the kinds of things that keep motivating me to produce the episodes and experiment in making the episodes of a higher quality.

Hopefully this early developing growth will continue into the next month as I release more episodes and enhance the quality of the video footage.

3 Responses to “Sauce The Game First Month Success”

  1. Madhur Kapoor Says:

    Congrats buddy. The stats are very impressive for a month old blog.

  2. Rory Says:

    We love The Sauce, keep the vids coming…

  3. ROry Says:

    Where’s The Sauce man?
    We need it…

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