Review: Wii Classic Controller

With the ability to download old school retro Nintendo games via the Wii’s Virtual Console (VC), has come the need of a new controller, the Classic Controller was born. Nintendo launched the Classic controller with the Wii several months ago.

I personally think that the VC is a really smart thing that Nintendo have incorporated into the Wii, letting them sell their old games to us again. Great marketing strategy.

However this review is not about the VC (although it is very much related) but rather the classic controller. I honestly don’t like it! The first time I picked it up I thought wow this is really uncomfortable and not ergonomic at all. I would of expected Nintendo to of put some effort into making the controller ergonomic and comfortable to hold for extended periods of play. It seems however that they are not worrying about it.

Another thing, I think that they could have had the cable that connects it to the Wii remote come out of the top of the controller and not the bottom, then it could flow from the top of the classic controller into the bottom of the Wii remote, this is only a minor let down.

Nintendo could of put more effort into the design of the controller after all it will keep us playing on it for longer. Another thing that is rather poor about the Classic Controller is, how it can sometimes get the neutral positions messed up during loadings. (Usually happens if you are accidentally leaning on the controller or moving the thumb pads whilst loading). At least there is a way to fix this, all you have to do is hold the + button,- button, a button and b button at the same time for three seconds. This will then reset the controller to be neutral.

Put this out of your mind and the Classic controller does exactly what it is suppose to do, let you play the old school retro games that you can download via the VC. The controls on the thumb pad seem to be very accurate and smooth to use in all the games I have played.

Another neat thing about the Classic Controller is you can use it instead of the Wii remote to navigate the channels, which is really great if you are laying down playing Wii or don’t feel like flailing your arms around all the time.

Final thoughts on the Classic Controller:

  • I think Nintendo could of put more effort into the design of the controller, making it more ergonomic and comfortable to hold
  • Being able to play games on your Wii (VC games) without having to swing your arms all over the place is fantastic
  • The ability to use the Classic Controller to browse the Wii menu and channels is a really great thing no need to use the Wii remote for everything

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  1. Moosa Says:

    It’s “could have” (as in “could’ve,” which I’m pretty sure is improper), not “could of.” 😉

    Pretty much agree with what’s written though.

  2. Qwerty_ Says:

    Thanks very much for that Moosa, I finally got around to fixing it 🙂

  3. wii classic download Says:

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