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Huge List Of Free MMO Games

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Whilst looking through Digg I stumbled across which is a wiki dedicated to free MMO games. Within the wiki be sure to check out their extensive collation of Free MMO games.

If your into MMO’s and want a new free game to check out, you cant pass up Wiki4MMO.

Blogosphere Week In Review April 15

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Looking back on the week I think I have produced a fairly good amount of new content, I will highlight the main points underneath this.

The top commentator is… Madhur who has taken out the top commentators spot for a consecutive week. Great job Madhur, I hope that you will continue to contribute on The1Qwerty and enjoy these links.

Madhur just went over a complete theme overhaul, and I gotta say it’s very nice. Madhur’s blog is using the Digg Theme by WP designer, Madhur has tweaked it a fair bit and it shows, looking very impressive nice job Madhur.
Madhur blogs about gaming, technology and general blogging things, from the posts he has written recently I take that he is a GTA fan.
Madhur also stumbled across MyCyberTwin I’ll let you read Madhur’s write up of it.

Sutto has posted up an article on REDDER some kind of graming idea he has come up with.

Jake has a very interesting article on how to download youtube videos by simply adding a kiss.

Finally Aniela has articles on… (No offense to you Aniela but I don’t know what to say).

Thats it for this weeks blogosphere week in review. Thanks to everyone who commented, and remember to get a link in the blogosphere week in review all you have to do is comment and get into the top commentators list. Which is not very hard.

Blogosphere Week In Review April 8

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

This week has been a rather successful one for me, quite a few comments.

Madhur took out top spot this week. Madhur blogs about lots of things, topics on blogging, gaming, and lots of other misc things.
I found that his post on 48 Blogging Mistakes To Learn From was quite a good post and I suggest you check it out.
Madhur also has a rather informal post on how you can speed up your Windows Vista computer with the use of a simple USB flash drive.

Rory had quite a few good gaming related posts during the week, this one in particular about playing Nintendo games in your browser, might appeal to you.

Aniela has some ahh good posts if your interested in the latest fashions. If that interests you check out their blog.

Scot Smith of Meridiancrest has a great post on To Blog or Not to Blog.

Sutto, on his blog has a rather interesting comic he has made. Check it out here and lets hope tomorrow is not like this for you.

Arpit, has a post on gaming the social website Digg.

Thats it for this week’s blogosphere in review. Want to be apart of the blogosphere week in review, all you have to do is get in the top commentators. The top commentator for the week will be the feature of the blogosphere week in review.

Also I am cutting back the top commentators list to the top 4. So you better get commenting.

Blogosphere Week In Review April 1

Monday, April 2nd, 2007


Been a very slow week for me, lots of school work sorry for the lack of posts.

James, Chris and Madhur all tied for 1st place this week.

Chris, had a rather interesting topic on a new site up and running Beg for a post.
James, talked about a very creative video showing speed painting.
Madhur, GTA IV trailer.

Want a link to your site in the Blogosphere Week in Review? All you have to do is comment, that simple. Make the most amount of comments and your the star of the post.

HarpzOn Review

Friday, March 30th, 2007

HarpzOn is the personal blog of Mitchell Harper. He is a fellow Aussie who (as most of us) freely shares his vast knowledge, Mitch delivers great tips on how to increase website traffic.


I found Mitch’s blog a few weeks ago and within a short amount of time I found myself checking his blog several times a day, since he has great quality posts, on general blogging techniques as well as more specific things like increasing website traffic via creating a forum. Mitch is also a very generous man and recently donated $10 per comment to two selected charities. Also if you link to him (like I am doing now) he will give you a free link back.

Below are a few of his recent articles I found to be interesting and informative:

I think ill leave it at that, go on and check out

New Information: Wii Opera Browser

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

A conversation between Wii developers about the final version of the internet channel is up on the net.

New features for the final version of the internet channel include:

  • A search button that can be accessed from the start page and from the tool bar.
  • Multiple cursors can be shown up on the screen however only the person with cursor number 1 can control what is viewed.
  • Zoom, scroll and response speed have all been varied from the trial version.
  • Two types of zoom control, first is the same as what was in the trial version, the new addition lets you zoom in at set levels.
  • Outline font will be used (whatever that is) in the full version which means that the words will never be blurry no matter how far you zoom in.
  • Width of pages set at 800 pixels for all screen setups regardless of widescreen.
  • New scroll feature where you press B and depending on how far you are from the sides of the screen depends on how much you scroll.You can also scroll with the D-pad.
  • Responsiveness of the channel has been increased so it loads faster and you are able to use the favorites section almost instantly.
  • Ability to hide the tool bar has been added for the final version.
  • .www ,.com are displayed on the URL input screen to make life easier.

Read the full developer talk.

Can You Block Comment Usernames With WordPress? [Update -1]

Monday, March 26th, 2007

Ok after I was looking through my comments I noticed a few people that must have it in for me. Because they posted with my username Qwerty_ on the review of James Gill’s blog.

The things were not posted by me you can tell as it is not even a link in the username. Check the comments out at the post.

My questions is can I disable the username Qwerty_, Qwerty etc so people cannot comment with this user name? so future things like this will not take place.

Thanks for your help. James I hope the comments did not offend you or anyone else and again they were not made by me.


Yes you are able to block user names as well as e-mails from within wordpress, you can do so within the options-> discussion menu. Picture below.

I have blacklisted the user names Qwerty_, Qwerty and so hopefully this problem will not take place again, blacklisting them automatically sends them to Akismet classified as spam.


Discussion menu is where you need to go in options.


Add you blacklistings in there.

Hope that helps everyone out.

Blogosphere Week In Review March 25

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been very busy with school work not to mention a few days when there was database issues and I was not able to access the site at all. Hopefull the database issues are all sorted now and those problems will not persist. This week will be pretty much the same slow on the posts coming through as I have quite a few assignments on the go and tests this week.
The bright side is things should return to normal next week and after that there will plenty of posts as I enter my holidays.

Now enough of whats going on, on my blog time for the blogosphere week in review.

This week the Gill’s where back up in top place equal with 3 posts each at the end of the week.

Chris Gill has changed his theme and I must say that it looks very nice, and original as I have not seen this theme used on any other blogs. Chris brings his readers the latest happenings in the blogging community, and has some great tips on content creation, useful wordpress plugins, Chris also looks into ways of generating a few $ from your blog and the general things that he finds interesting. He recently broke into the top 100k on Technorati which is a great achievement considering the fact that his blog is relatively new. Chris has got a great article on how to create and find content for your blog and a few wordpress plugins to help deal with SEO.

James has a blog that deals with general blogging things as well as the other things that he find interesting. Check out the full review that I gave of his blog (Sorry James don’t have the time right now to give a new small write up) This week James had several interesting posts.. 67 Versions of a 3d sphere A video about the evolution of gaming.

Dan1el has an interesting post on his views of Technorati.

Madhur Kapoor the term Wiki is now in the Oxford dictionary

If you would like to be in the Blogosphere week in review all you have to do is comment on my site. The top commentator for the week will be the feature of the article as James and Chris were.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Game Guide

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

A fantastic in-depth guide of ways of improving your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. skills. Also a great read for those of you who will be picking it up tomorrow when it is released in Australia. It starts off explaining the basics of the game, then gets into some great combat tips.

So if your struggling through S.T.A.L.K.E.R at the moment or getting ready for it tomorrow this guide is well worth a read.

Read the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game guide.

Blogosphere Week In Review 18 March 2007

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

I was rather surprised to see that neither Chris or James finished in top place this week on the top commentators list.

It was a new comer to commenting on my blog. Dan1el and he runs The Wrong Advices, which is quite contradictory as he has some fantastic articles on blogging. What is The Wrong Advices all about? Well it’s a blog (duh) about blogging and the other miscellaneous things that Dan finds interesting.
Here are some of his recent posts that I thought were rather informal:

Great posts well worth reading.

If you want to get a nice little paragraph about your blog all you have to do is be the top commentator at the end of the week. See my post about top commentators resetting weekly.

On to the other happenings in the blogosphere this week.

Well I think that’s it for this weeks blogosphere week in review. Remeber your chances of getting one of your posts in the blogosphere week in review greatly increase if you comment as I nearly always check out the commentators site.