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Sauce The Game First Month Success

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

I am very very pleased with how Sauce The Game has done for the first month. Nearly 3000 visitors 4600 page views and the two episodes released have had in excess of 2700 views. Not bad for a first month attempt. Subscribers reached a peak of 64 (dropped off today since it’s the weekend).

The feedback and supportive e-mails I have received has been fantastic, these are the kinds of things that keep motivating me to produce the episodes and experiment in making the episodes of a higher quality.

Hopefully this early developing growth will continue into the next month as I release more episodes and enhance the quality of the video footage.

Site Status

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

Ok so when I last posted that the site was back online, it was back online, however not to the extent that I was hoping for as older posts were no longer working. But they were all in the manage posts section so I decided to export the blog via WP then re-import the data via WP.

This time things worked out fine, except I was wondering why posts were not working properly when coming from google etc, the problem turned out to be that I had not told the new WP to have the post permalink as After I edited that things are back working as normal.

I just have to get the theme back up and RSS going out via Feedburner and then all will be good.

Site Back Online

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

After moving to another registrar and host, I had some problems as I backed up the database on an older WP version, thinking I could just import it. However WP backed it up as a sql file and not the format that the latest WP uses.

So I had to import the file via phpMyAdmin, where I managed to over write the database for (Was linking to for some reason) Fortunately I was able to roll back the database and had fixed up

Then I had a couple of other issues removing WP and then reinstalling. Got that all worked out. Which then lead my to import my database into phpMyAdmin properly.

The important thing is the site is back and everything is just the way it should be. (Well in terms of data, just need to change the theme to have my subscribe via RSS pictures.)

Happy Belated Birthday The1Qwerty

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Yes it just dawned on me the other day (I missed it with the excitement of Sauce The Game) that is a year old. I must say that it is interesting to look back over the articles at the things that were happening in the gaming world during 2007. (Although I did miss a large amount of it for schooling purposes which I can say paid off well).

So Happy Birthday!

Sauce The Game Launches

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

I did hint towards the end of last year that I was planning on rolling out a few projects in the new year. Well one of them is out now. Sauce The Game is a new free online video show dedicated to showing off Open Source games, with one game per episode. The first episode stars Tremulous which is one of my all time favourite games.

I’m A Free Man

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

That’s right I am now a free man meaning that all of my schooling for the year is over. Alot has happened in the gaming world since I stopped blogging earlier in the year.

We have seen the release of several massive games, Halo 3, World in Conflict (A game that has been on my eyes since I played it for the first time at GO3), the graphic redefining FPS Crysis and an old friend comes to the modern day. That of course being Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Now that I am free I have alot more time on my hands to concentrate on blogging, and time to work a few new projects that I have lined up to start in the new year (These are very exciting).
Not to mention all the free time I have to catch up on gaming and playing these new games. First one for me to play through will be Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which utilises the Wii’s revolutionary controls in ways never before seen.

Then there is next year we have to look forward to, where I am sure we will be seeing many many more amazing games. Expect an expansion pack for Crysis since it turns out that this is merely the first part of what will be an interesting Trilogy. Along with many new games.

There Goes The Tumble Weed

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Yes I have pretty much vacated my blog for the time being… To pursue better school marks in my final year. I thought I would just let those of you who still check back know.

Don’t worry though this is by no means the end of this site and my blogging, I have a few things lined up to take place in about 5-6 months, once school is all over.

Drop In Posts

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

I am under quite an intense workload at the moment with my final year of school and everything else in RL. Consequently the number of posts will be dropping on, however I will still be bringing you some of the latest and greatest gaming news, along with things to help you Get Your Game ON! just not as much as I was before.

To keep you happy and save you from boredom for the times when I am not posting many new articles you can read some of my favourite old articles:

If you have a look around through my categories I am sure that you will find lots of things of interest and well worth reading.

To save you from checking my site daily for new posts you can also subscribe to my full RSS Feed.

Blogosphere Week In Review April 15

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Looking back on the week I think I have produced a fairly good amount of new content, I will highlight the main points underneath this.

The top commentator is… Madhur who has taken out the top commentators spot for a consecutive week. Great job Madhur, I hope that you will continue to contribute on The1Qwerty and enjoy these links.

Madhur just went over a complete theme overhaul, and I gotta say it’s very nice. Madhur’s blog is using the Digg Theme by WP designer, Madhur has tweaked it a fair bit and it shows, looking very impressive nice job Madhur.
Madhur blogs about gaming, technology and general blogging things, from the posts he has written recently I take that he is a GTA fan.
Madhur also stumbled across MyCyberTwin I’ll let you read Madhur’s write up of it.

Sutto has posted up an article on REDDER some kind of graming idea he has come up with.

Jake has a very interesting article on how to download youtube videos by simply adding a kiss.

Finally Aniela has articles on… (No offense to you Aniela but I don’t know what to say).

Thats it for this weeks blogosphere week in review. Thanks to everyone who commented, and remember to get a link in the blogosphere week in review all you have to do is comment and get into the top commentators list. Which is not very hard.

World In Conflict Nuke Video

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

The first nuke is actually footage that gametrailers recorded of me playing the game 🙂 Enjoy !