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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

CoD4 is on it’s way. Not much info has been given out about yet, expect to see news about in the coming days.

What we know so far is that it will not be WW2 related, development will be undertaken by the original creators of the series, Infinity Ward.

First look of the game will be coming this Saturday.

Trem Skills Finished

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Thats the end of my Tremulous skills programme. At least for the moment anyway. I have decided to end the Trem Skills series, because of increased workload in RL. Sorry that I have left it hanging on base building.

I may continue the progamme in the future, however, I will not make a solid statement on that. What I will tell you though is that I do plan to release an eBook based off of my Trem Skills series, with loads of new content to help you get your game on in Tremulous. This won’t be for quite some time looking towards the end of this year early next year.

For those of you that were following my Trem Skills series don’t worry because I will continue to cover the latest gaming news, my views and impressions. Along with other things to help you Get your Game ON!

Trem Skills #14

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Part 14 of my Tremulous Skills programme. Helping you to play Tremulous better.

Trem Skills #14 Deals with the basics of building of a base.

Your base is your life line, without it you can not realistically win a game. Because of this it is important to have a good base setup.

A good base setup consists of:

  • Reactor/OM (required to power your building)
  • Multiple spawns (Two is fine 3 is preferred to speed up spawn time)
  • Plenty of base defence to keep spawns and Reactor/OM safe

Of course that is just the basics of it. I will discuss the basics for building a base for each team in future posts and advanced setups as well.

TK vs Bamn Tremulous War

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

I was lucky enough to be accepted to referee/admin the Tremulous clan war between TK and Bamn. I think it was a great game (I only saw the first one was not able to ref the second). The result was TK-0 Bamn-2.

Congrats to the Bamn Clan on their clean sweep of the war. Also a great mention must be given to the TK clan who put up a very good fight towards the end of the first round holding off the advancing S3 aliens very well. I was really surprised with how long they lasted once sudden death kicked in, it was however inevitable that they would be taken down in sudden death as they were camping in the base far to often. Humans (TK) never really pushed up anywhere and were to scared to leave the base to pursue weak alien units.


Scores from first game

Download the demo I recorded of the first war. I advise both TK and Bamn to watch the footage as it will help them to see where they can both improve for future clan wars. If you are just keen to see other clan wars taking place by all means download it as well.


Scores from second game


I did record a live commentary that I did of the war although not sure how im going to put the demo and it together unless I frapped the demo or something. I don’t really have the time to do that now since back to school. The quality of the commentary was not as good as I was hoping for a few pops and distorted bits. Consequently I am not sure if I will upload it for download.

Trem Skills #13

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007

Part 13 of my Tremulous Skills series. Helping you to play Tremulous better.

Trem Skills #13 Looks at the binds required for evolving as an alien.

I am sure I have told you enough times now about how imporant binds are and how they can increase your player speed in Tremulous. Below is a table showing you the bind needed to evolve to the specific alien unit. As long as you are at the correct stage and have the required evos.



Granger /bind KEY class builder
Adv Granger /bind KEY class builderupg
Dretch /bind KEY class level0
Basilisk /bind KEY class level1
Adv Basilisk /bind KEY class level1upg
Marauder /bind KEY class level2
Adv Marauder /bind KEY class level2upg
Dragoon /bind KEY class level3
Adv Dragoon /bind KEY class level3upg
Tyrant /bind KEY class level4

Again I hope that this has aided you in some way and decreased the amount of time you spend in the menu.

Trem Skills #12

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

Part 12 of my Tremulous skills programme. Helping to enhance your Tremulous skills.

Trem Skills #12 Looks at binds for purchasing human weapons.

Below is a table listing the weapon and the associated command required to bind it. The binds will only work when you are within range of an armoury and have the required funds.



Rifle /bind KEY item rifle
Construction Kit /bind KEY item ckit
Adv Con Kit /bind KEY item ackit
Shotgun /bind KEY item shotgun
LasGun /bind KEY item lgun
Pulse Rifle /bind KEY item prifle
Mass Driver /bind KEY item mdriver
Flamer /bind KEY item flamer
Chaingun /bind KEY item chaingun
Lucifer Cannon /bind KEY item lcannon
Pain Saw /bind KEY item psaw
Mass Driver /bind KEY item mdriver
Grenade /bind KEY item gren
Jet Pack /bind KEY item jetpack

Now you can spend less time at the armoury and more time fighting. Tomorrow I will cover what binds are required for what evolutions.

Trem Skills #11

Friday, April 20th, 2007

Part 11 of my Tremulous Skills programme. Helping you play Tremulous better.

Trem Skills #11 Deals with binding the construction of human buildings.

Just like all good RTS games you must be able to build quickly and effectively if you wish to be successful during the game. The ability to micro your construction greatly helps in game play. This is how binds can help you.

Below is a table outlining the human structure and the bindings required to build it.



Telenode /bind KEY build telenode
Medi Station /bind KEY build medistat
Machine Gun Turret /bind KEY build mgturret
Teslas /bind KEY build tesla
Defence Comp /bind KEY build dcc
Armoury /bind KEY build arm
Reactor /bind KEY build reactor
Repeater /bind KEY build repeaterl

I hope you will now be much faster in building both your alien and human bases, saving time in the menus all adds up.

Tomorrow I will be giving you the required binds to buy any human weapon as long as you are within range of the armoury. Stay tuned and subscribe to my feed below.

Trem Skills #10

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

Part 10 of my Tremulous skills programme helping you play Tremulous better.

Trem Skills #10 Deals with setting binds for constructing alien structures.

There is a much easier and far more efficient way of building alien structures than having to go through the menu all the time. The way to increase building speed is like playing RTS games and using hot keys to micro your construction, and thus increase speed.



Egg /bind KEY build eggpod
Barricade /bind KEY build barricade
Booster /bind KEY build booster
Acid Tube /bind KEY build acid_tube
Hive /bind KEY build hive
Trapper /bind KEY build trapper
Overmind /bind KEY build overmind
hovel /bind KEY build hovel

Hope that helps you! Tomorrow I will look at binds for constructing human structures.

Trem Skills #9

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Part 9 of my Tremulous Skills programme helping to improve your Tremulous skills.

Trem Skills #9 Deals with how to set basic binds.

Do you wish you did not have to type common messages into Tremulous all the time? For instance “Base Under Attack” or many of the other commonly used messages.

Instead of having to type this over and over again you could create a simple bind to do this for you.
/bind 1 say Base Under Attack
That little piece of code will cause the message Base Under Attack to be sent when you press down the number 1 key.

The message “Base Under Attack” will be sent to everone even your opponents, so to correct for this all you have to do is replace ‘say’ with ‘teamsay’
like this:
/bind 1 say_team Base Under Attack

That is by no means the limit of what can be bound in Tremulous, you can bind everything you can do in game.

For those of you who enjoy building I have something in store for you tomorrow, how to set binds for alien structures.

Trem Skills #8

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Part 8 of my Trem Skills programme helping to improve your Tremulous game skills.

Trem Skills #8 Deals with countering recoil that is associated with a Chaingun.

I find that alot of people can not effectively counter the recoil that is produced from using a Chaingun, unless of course they are in a battlesuit 😛 There is however a very good way of countering and limiting the amount of recoil a chaingun produces.

The method is quite simple but takes a bit of practice to perfect. How do you counter the recoil produced by a Chaingun? Simple you move the mouse in the opposite direction of the recoil, this technique can be used across a wide range of FPS games and is by no means limited to Tremulous.

The Chaingun recoil happens in a direction that forces your gun to move upwards, to counter this recoil effect all that is required is for you to move your mouse down at the appropriate amount this is where practice comes in.

Download the demo on controlling Chaingun recoil and see how much you can limit the effects of recoil.
Copy into your Tremulous base file then type the following code in the console.
/demo cgunrecoil.dm_69

See how when I am not pushing down on the mouse the Chaingun recoils all over the place, compared with when I am helping to correct the recoil.