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CoD 4 For DS, What About Wii?

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

CoD 4 Title

Yesterday whilst in one of my local EB stores I was rather surprised to see that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is in fact a title for the Nintendo DS. Whilst I was away I did not keep my eye on the platforms the game was coming out for. I assumed it would be the two big consoles plus PC. So I was quite impressed to see it on the little DS.

However, after looking for a Wii version it became apparent that there is none. So how did the DS manage to have a version of CoD 4 yet the Wii missed out? That I can’t quite understand. Had the game come out for just the PS3, 360 and PC I would of put it down to the fact that the Wii does not have the computing power to run the game. Infinity Ward quite obviously nuked the graphics to run it on the DS, why did they not do something similar to run it on the Wii? Was it a case of being too difficult to customise the controls to fit the Wii’s needs? Or was it just an experiment to see how well a game like that would sell on the DS? Who knows. I am rather dissapointed that they left the Wii out on this.

At least my speculation about the graphics being very low were comfirmed from some videos IGN posted. You can view them here.

New Screen Shots Of SimCity DS

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Some great new screen shots of SimCity DS have come out. To me it looks very similar to SimCity 2000, which is cool it’s going to be like playing the blown version on the PC but anywhere. Just imagine the possibilities playing on an aircraft flight, in the car or if your sneaky in class 😉 Not that I would do that!

Check out all the images over at Kotaku.

[Via Kotaku]

HGZine Issue 3 Published

Saturday, April 7th, 2007


Gamerzines have just published issue 3 of HGZine a free online magazine for hand held platforms (DS, PSP mobiles etc).

Inside Issue 3 of HGZine:

  • Previews:
    • Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War on the PSP
    • Tamagotchi Connexion: Corner Shop 2 (DS)
  • Reviews:
    • Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters (PSP)
    • Virtua Tennis 3 (PSP)
    • Test Drive Unlimited (PSP)
    • After Burner: Black Falcon (PSP)
    • Harvest Moon (DS)
    • Final Fantasy II (DS)
    • The Ward (DS)
    • Diddy Kong Racing (DS)
    • Old Skool Invasion (DS and PSP)

Download HGZine Issue 3.

HGZine Issue 2 Out Now

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Hand Held Gamerzine (HGZine) issue 2 is out now.

Inside this issue of HGZine:

  • Previews of:
    • My Sims
    • Call of Duty: Roads to Victory
    • Tomb Raider Anniversary
  • Reviews:
    • Lunar Knights
    • Prince of Persia Rival Swords
    • Phoenix Wright
    • Spectrobes
  • Exclusive on how console games are converted to the PSP
  • Plus much more…

If you don’t know what Gamerzines are then I suggest you read a few of my older entires on Gamerzines.

Download HGZine Issue 2 Now!

Gamerzines: HGZine launches

Friday, February 23rd, 2007


Gamerzines just had the launch of their latest gamerzine. HGZine which is a handheld gamerzine covering the latest news, previews, reviews and interviews about the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, along with other mobile gaming platforms. HGZine is in the format that we have begun to love, of lovely graphics, interactive media such as videos, quizzes and annotated images which have all been put together into a neat layout and published as a PDF, free for you to download and read anywhere.

HGZine just like 360Zine and PCGZine is written by professional game journalists and are available for you to download for free from the gamerzines website. But its not just the fantastic authors that make Gamerzines what it is but also the interactive content that is found within the magazines, bringing content to you that is not normally available in a print magazine.

�As an avid handheld gamer myself, it’s great fun to edit a magazine dedicated to DS, PSP and mobile games. They’re usually herded to the back of multiformat print mags and never given the attention they deserve – it’s time to redress the balance. ,� says HGZine Editor, Keith Stuart. �With HGzine, we can offer the editorial values and beautiful, readable design of a print publication, with the immediacy of online. It’s absolutely the best of both worlds.�

Find out whats in the launch issue of HGZine after the break.