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There Goes The Tumble Weed

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Yes I have pretty much vacated my blog for the time being… To pursue better school marks in my final year. I thought I would just let those of you who still check back know.

Don’t worry though this is by no means the end of this site and my blogging, I have a few things lined up to take place in about 5-6 months, once school is all over.

Pure Pwnage Episode 13 Out Any Hour Now..

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

That’s right!! The first episode of the second season of Pure Pwnage will be out any time now. I thought I would take a glance over at the PP site to see what is happening and check the noob store out. When I noticed that the 13th episode is due to come out any time today.

You can also now order some new shirts and the boxset DVD’s of the first season.

Keep checking the PurePwnage site to see when the new Episode comes out as a specific time has not been given.

nVidia announces 8800 Ultra

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

nVidia (my favourite GPU company) just announced that they will be releasing their latest beast to us on the 15th of May.

And it packs a punch performing anywhere between 10-15% better than the previous king of cards the 8800GTX.

Keep your out for it in 12 days (May 15th) for the 768mb 8800Ultra.

[Via ThatPCBlog]

Drop In Posts

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

I am under quite an intense workload at the moment with my final year of school and everything else in RL. Consequently the number of posts will be dropping on, however I will still be bringing you some of the latest and greatest gaming news, along with things to help you Get Your Game ON! just not as much as I was before.

To keep you happy and save you from boredom for the times when I am not posting many new articles you can read some of my favourite old articles:

If you have a look around through my categories I am sure that you will find lots of things of interest and well worth reading.

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