11 New Stargate Worlds Screenshots

11 New screenshots have been added to the Stargate Worlds, gallery. This game is certainly shapping up to be a great MMO, the screenshots so far look amazing. The question is though how will it compete against the big rollers of the MMORPG genre? (That of course being WoW)

Whilst I am at it I will give you a few links for a quick recap of what progress has been made on Stargate Worlds since my blogging break.

Now one of the most ground breaking news items is that we have a release date for Stargate Worlds, the fourth quarter of 2008. So only a year to wait. You can read more about this over at mmosite.

Some more great information about the game also recently surfaced over at mmosite.

MMORPG.com also had a recent interview with several of the key developers of the upcoming title. Read about it here.

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